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Re: SONY DXC 1610 Video Camera

Kindy Posted Dec 15, 2007, in response to:Tany

How much do one of these things cost???


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    It would have cost a lot of money! £7000 several thoucsand pounds thats nearly $11000 first editions are expensive this creamed colour porteble video recorder/camera was that expensive it was not comercialy avaliable to 1980 it is very rars i have one complete SLO-340 cream recorder and the cream colour Sony DXC-1610 (EARLY 1977) BETACAM IS STILL MADE TODAY THE CASSETTES WOULD BE READERLY AVAILERBLE I should have said it was the Betamax SLO-340 recording system Hay thats funny that a Dxc-1610 trinicon colour video camera should be bought by a school when they was only made in the first place for schools,colledges and univercitys It is not so much of a case of what goes around comes around it is more of a case of what is around stays around .arnt these little web sites classic little bores.



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