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Re: panasonic dvd -ls91 error code H03

chemguy Posted Jul 27, 2008, in response to:brett Schlesinger

It sort of worked for me, but I had to do a bit more than fiddle. I the unit powered up with a DVD in, then opened the top DVD loading hatch (TDLH):>, removed the disc closed the lid and turned it on. The error code still has there so I opened it again and the optical reader was at the center of its track. I tried to move gently to the right and left, I didn't here a click but the optical reader was at a different position. All the other times the reader was all the way to the right. I'm not sure if the reader gets stuck on the track, but the H03 code is one of a temperture issue. I guess I fixed it but before I did that I had the unit disasembled and even pulled the main board of the unit. I was attempting to locate a temperture sensor and oops I fixed it and my little kid (who is the primary user)thinks I'm some kind of techno-wizard. Did anybody try to track down the problem by investigating the temperture issue? ps if I spelled anything wrong its because I'm a bad speller, so just get over it:) I found this web page by luck and was happy that it helped. Thanks


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    Thanks, Chemguy, *very* helpful. I put in a DVD and powered it up. Got an error code. I took out the DVD then used a letter opener (held perpendicular to the laser unit) to apply a bit of lateral pressure. I put the DVD back in and things "clicked" back into place. Again, thank you!



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