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Sony DVD recorder Drive DW-U15A Replacemsnt

Paul Posted Feb 05, 2009

Replacement for DW-U15A drive.

Anyone know where to get a replacement drive for Sony DW-U15A (p/n 8-598-875-00). Nobody seems to stock it or recommend a substitute.


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    Hello, Are you by chance looking for this drive to fix a Sony RDR-GX-300??? I was looking for one also, when I could not find one I decided to try using an ordinary dvd burner drive. With a couple of mods I got it to work. If you are interested on what I did, email me back Paul

    Comments 27, Last comment by Mark Cross Mar 16, 2013

    Paul, I too would like to obtain the solution to utilizing a generic DVD writer in place of the NLA DW-U15A. Thank you.
    David - ReJouvenater Electronics


    I recently took a SONY DVD recorder (RDR-HX900) apart and extracted the 160Gb hard drive, which works fine in my computer. I also extracted the SONY DW-U15A optical drive, but I couldn't get it to be recognized on my computer. I don't know if it works or not. You are welcome to it for the costs of packaging and shipping. Let me know if you are interested and the shipping arrangements.

    Comments 2, Last comment by xconnectiv Nov 21, 2010

    looking for replacement of my Sony DVD recorder Drive DW-U15A, can it be replace by any other brand? could anyone help! thanks.


    Hi im not sure if this is the right place to look but i just googled replacement rewitable drive DW-U15A this componant is in a Sony dvd recorder rdr-gx300 and the problem with the unit is it keeps displaying 'play back prohibited to wrong region code 'and this is intermittant regardless of the disk and i suspect that the drive is faulty and im trying to get a price for a new unit to see if it will fix the prob. Can anyone point me in the right direction . Thanks in Advance STU


    I came to your post after a Google search for Sony DVD/CD rewritable drive unit I purchased from an ad on a local internet want ad. The drive was an afterthought as I was really after 400Mhz SDRAM and the price was right. The tray cover is exactly like a picture of a sony rdr gx300 dvd recorder that also was found through search. I have not installed in the PC I am putting together for my kids-plan to do so tommorrow to see if it works (I was told it did but I spoke to wife of seller)...Let me know if you are interested because any burner will suit my needs but it appears this one is special to the home recorder.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Henri Goffin Mar 14, 2009

    If you find one, let me know too! Can't believe I've got to scrap this HX900 for the sake of a flaky DVD drive. I know that a standard modern drive does NOT work as a direct replacement. I was therefore thinking about swapping controller boards with another working model. If it works I'll let you know.



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