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Re[2]: JVC Digital CyberCam GR-DVM70

Wendell Posted Nov 01, 2009, in response to:Mary

EASY JVC DVM70 CONTROL BUTTON DIY REPAIR! I know this thread started in 2002, and the last post is in 2008, but in case anyone cares (since you can get these NICE digital cameras on ebay for about $15 or $20, I posted this anyway. (I pulled mine off the shelf and gave it to my 8 year old to make "animation" with since it has that feature built-in... My control button wasn't working correctly, so I "hit" it a little harder than I should have an it kinda "popped-off." I tried the trick mentioned early in this thread, with great success: I put the button and the control ring on the camera, and held it in place with a strip of surgical tape. I removed the screw on the upper hinge to allow the door to open almost 90 degrees. I CAREFULLY removed the black, plastic protective cover from the inside of the door, being careful not to damage the electronic ribbon cables. I used a 1/16th" drill bit to put a 1/8th" deep hole in the "center" of the 5 plastic "tips". I put a drop of super-glue in the hole, and then put in a 1/16" x 1/8th sheet screw. I put the black plastic cover back on, and reinstalled the upper screw in the hinge. I still have a remote for this unit, so I am not using the center button for the control feature any more than I have to, as I don't want it to come off again. Works fine, now! Good Luck!


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