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Sony DLP LCD Projection TV (Blue Haze)

Ed Posted Dec 09, 2009

Sony LCD DLP Light Engine LCD Panels and LCD Polarizer Filter source/supplier and part #'s needed.

I am trying to locate some repair parts for Optical Unit Block (light engine) that are used in the Sony KDF-50WF655(and other models)Sony LCD Projection TV's. What I need is to locate a distributor or supplier for the LCD Panels, red, green and blue (mfg. by Sony) and the polarizer filters red, green, and blue that sit in front of the LCD panels. These are common failure items in these light engines causing blue haze in the picture and other color and picture issues. Sony have extended the warranty DLP TV's with these failures so it is very common failure on all DLP models. A few companies rebuild these light engines by way of replacing the filters mostly and the LCDs if needed. So the LCD's and Small polarizing Filters are available somewhere but I am having trouble finding the supplier and part numbers. Can you help me locate where these part are being obtained from and part numbers. I can email photos of the parts out of the Optical Unit Block if you need. Thanks, Ed Here are the numbers off the LCD Panels. The colored Polarizer filters go in front of these LCD Panels in a small plastic holder about 1" in size. Sony (red LCD) LCX043ANB7 330274P RR Sony (green LCD) LCX043APB8 326P43P GL Sony (blue LCD) LCX043ANB6 329365P BR


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