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JB38 Posted Sep 02, 2010, in response to:RAJ

This will be sent shortly, however the following points should be noted, exclude the first paragraph as obviously it doesnt apply to your posting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that anyone requesting this info must "NOT" choose to hide their e-mail address as the info is complex with attachments and has to go to a "DIRECT" e-mail address which cannot be done if its hidden. It should be pointed out that the info is really in two stages with the first being the dew sensor cleaning procedure, however should this procedure fail then the only option left is the second and more complex task of disabling the dew sensor circuit, as although the info also gives details on the somewhat easier procedure of resetting the memory, this involving rear case removal, experience has shown that the problem will eventually return at some point in time. That said though, its advisable for anyone contemplating this task to observe the under mentioned, the content of which cannot be classed as being exaggerated in any way! --------------------------------------------------- - AN IMPORTANT POINT CONCERNING THE MODIFICATION - The latter instructions given (disabling info) is really aimed at technically minded people of a "practical" hands-on type who are acquaint at working on small electro-mechanical devices of a precision nature or who have a flair for this sort of thing, and so in the interests of not making the situation any worse I would strongly advise anyone who does not really consider themselves as coming into that category NOT to attempt this work, as it involves case separation and the undoing of the main circuit board to gain access to the board below it, this requiring the disconnection of ribbon cables etc, it is also necessary to carry out the precision soldering of two "very" narrowly spaced PCB pins and so the possession of a fine tipped soldering iron is also absolutely essential, plus of course the "steady hand" skill to use same. Taking the above into consideration the qualification mentioned is really a MUST!! It should be emphasised that there are "NO" shortcuts into permanently getting over this problem other than what's been aforementioned, as if the "no dismantling" dew sensor cleaning procedure doesn't help but the "partial dismantling" memory reset "does", even this can only really be adopted as a stop gap measure as the CPU could lock up again at some point in time and indeed in many cases does exactly that!


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