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Re: tv blinking?!?!?!

longdistnz Posted Nov 04, 2011, in response to:keith

I have had my Trinitron since 1999, 32" CRT. been repaired once, cost was $240 5 years ago, but not a blink problem, the power supply went, along with a channel system thingy. Anyway, I asked my TV guy about my picture blink issue which began 5 months ago, and he said, "wanna buy a nice used flatscreen?" the picture tube is losing it's oomph, and on newer TV's, the circuitry will cut off like that when the picture tube is failing. Older sets will run picture until it's gone. Mine is actually going fuzzy in the corners too, and I can't see any writing like sports scores clearly. So, if it's happening to you, and your set is not warrantied, it's time to update! I'm trying to make it to "Black Friday" and get one for cheeeep!!!


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