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Panasonic PV-L600D

BOB Posted Aug 15, 2003

"WARNING DEW DETECTED" Is there a sensor that might need to be cleaned, or am I going to need a board?


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    Re: Panasonic PV-L600D

     Ed Posted Mar 08, 2007

    ok the dew error sensor on the pv-l600d is located on the flex cable that control the on and off one's you remove the rigth side cover you will have to remove the power switch to see it since the sensor is on the cable there is no way you can jump it or add a resistor, all you can do is follow the flex cable and add a resistor of 3.4k ohms at the connector FP3 PIN 3 AND PIN 13 that will fix the dew error the connector is located under the chasis on the control board you will have unsolder two legs from the chasis to get to it. remember that you will need a soldering iron with sharp tip and a magni-glass good luck.

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    Re: Panasonic PV-L600D

     Mike Posted Dec 08, 2004

    Panasonic PV-L006D Warning Dew Detected canyou tell me were the dew sensor is located I cant find it around the head Thank You

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    Re: Panasonic NV-GS17

     mair williams Posted May 21, 2007

    My faithful video camera (NV-GS17) has just ejected it's tape and said "dew detect" to me. I am presuming this is a bad thing. Can you explain please or give some guidance. (I love my video camera, and cannot presently afford a new one). Thank you in anticipation of your responce. Mair


    Re: Panasonic PV-L600D

     repo Posted Aug 29, 2003

    why did this statment pop up! and won't let camcorder stay on

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    Re: Panasonic PV-L600D

     Deb Aubuchon Posted Dec 08, 2004

    I have used my PV-L600D once. It seems my son used it and now can't find the charger or manual. Any ideas? I don't even know what the charger looks like. Does the camera hav a place for a direct plug in charger? Let me know if you have a source for these items. Thanks D


    Re: Panasonic PV-L600D

     cris Posted Sep 02, 2003

    if you can .try to remove covers from camera.lookink at it from the back where the battery goes.remove the right cover carefully.there is a connector that connects the right side cabinet to rest of the camera that is not making good contact. caution first remove eject door,eject mech,then slide door up or down there is two clips that hold door on top and bottom.then unplug connector to lcd.theres a screw that holds the right cabinet from the left side. then remove all screws from the right side. caution do not remove front piece with mic .there is a small ribbon that can easily be busted.just unscrew right side cabinet and then re- assemble.good luck

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