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Re: Panasonic PV-L600D

Mike Posted Dec 08, 2004, in response to:BOB

Panasonic PV-L006D Warning Dew Detected canyou tell me were the dew sensor is located I cant find it around the head Thank You


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    Re: Re: Panasonic PV-L600D

     Mike Posted Dec 20, 2004

    I just worked on a PV-L680. On this unit the Dew sensor is located on a flex cable on the handle side of the unit just above the nylon strap. Looks like shorting the sensor out will defeat the Dew Detect sensor cirtcuit but unfortunely a solder iron will melt thye flex cable when trying to attach a jumper. Most likely fix will be a replacement cable if the vendor has fixed the root design error in the Dew sensor circuit(maybe by changing the value of the sensor itself). Otherwise, looking at the magnitude of the error, replacing the flex cable with will at best only delay the problem.

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