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cris Posted Aug 28, 2003, in response to:CRIS

please use this new e-mail for parts research or parts look up.thanks please dont use please use


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    I am looking for 2 square 16 cm. speakers for Sony speaker system Type APM-10ES(very old system older than 20 yrs.)they are 6 ohm. with a capable output of 80w (Music) and 50W (nominal) Original speaker model Sony T-8110-333-1 Maybe a generic would suit. Any help appreciated. Bill Goulding (Dublin)



     tom mckee Posted Jun 17, 2004

    I would like to connect a mid-1980's Sony 8 mm videocamera to a PC so I can access some old 8 mm tape videos and burn them on a DVD. Is there a part which will plug into the RFU 80 UC adaptor slot for a mid-1980's Sony 8 mm videocamera and provide either a USB or P/S 2 connection ? I am currently able to access the videos using the RFU 80 UC adaptor VHF/Line output but the video quality is low. I was hoping a higher quality connection would provide a higher quality signal for the DVD.

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