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BACK FOCUS with Sony DSR PDX 10p

Karolos Zonaras Posted Sep 10, 2003

Hoping to be heard

I just realized a serious problem with my newly bought Sony dsr pdx10p. When I zoom out, momentously I loose focus. I called the prime support and I was told that’s normal and that nothing can be done about it. Having read a lot of positive articles I was very enthusiastic about this camera and when finally it was imported in Greece I rushed to buy it. Now I feel cheated!
I send this message hoping that somebody from Sony will read it and take in consideration this problem.

Hoping to be heard


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    to the list I can add poor auto white balance performance and glare with shutter speed above 3200. Otherwise is very awesome camera


    I have both these problems with my PDX10P. I am told the back focus can be corrected, though I have not as yet taken it in to be adjusted.


    I have another problem: with my DSR- PDX10P. I only get a mono audio signal if I capture with firewire. It doesnt matter which OS, which software, firewire cable or pc I use. The camcorder records stereo though, I can check this with a headphone directly connected to the camera. Does anyone can help me to solve the problem? I would be glad! Thanks

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