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Re: BACK FOCUS with Sony DSR PDX 10p

Marco Posted Oct 16, 2003, in response to:Karolos Zonaras

I have another problem: with my DSR- PDX10P. I only get a mono audio signal if I capture with firewire. It doesnt matter which OS, which software, firewire cable or pc I use. The camcorder records stereo though, I can check this with a headphone directly connected to the camera. Does anyone can help me to solve the problem? I would be glad! Thanks


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    Hi, Same problem here with my DSR-PDX10P, but Sony don't want to know about it. Audio captures OK at 32 Khz 12 bit stereo, but only captures left mono track at 48 Khz 16 bit mode. I have narrowed the problem down, for anyone interested. Contact me at above e-mail address. Cheers Jim



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