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RCA CC9370 Trouble

Juan Fajrado Posted Sep 28, 2003

RCA CC9370 Trouble E04

I have a RCA CC9370 Digital Camcorder and and I get this messege "E04 Unit in safeguard mode remove and reattach battery" I check the user's guide and follow the check and adjustments comments but I still getting the same message, any suggestions


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    Re: RCA CC9370 Trouble

     Austin Dahl Posted Feb 13, 2005

    I just worked around this problem. If you can get the tape out, wack the camera a couple of times on the side where the tape goes. Insert the tape and let it start loading. As it is settling in, press down hard. The camera is made by JVC and rebranded RCA. I found useful information on other boards referring to JVC cameras, especcially at Good luck. Austin


    I am experiencing the same problem with the E04 Message - "Unit in Safeguard mode" Does anyone know how to correct this problem? Please email me with any recommendations.

    Comments 2, Last comment by scott Jan 12, 2005

    Re: RCA CC6374 Trouble

     steve Posted Apr 25, 2004

    i am experiencing the same problem how do you fix this. it won't even let me eject the tape. thank you

    Comment 1, Last comment by JUAN MANUEL GARCIA Dec 25, 2004

    I am now experiencing the exact same problem with my RCA CC9370, did you figure out the fix? and thanks.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Val Sep 08, 2004


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