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Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

Don Agnew Posted Oct 02, 2003, in response to:anonymous

PhotoRescue really saved the day. When I got home, I pulled up the second stick and got: C:13:001 error. I was horrified because we had just come back from vacation which included some pictures of my wife's uncle. He had been in bad health and died a week later after we got home. I had to try something as these shots were some of the last made of her uncle. Thanks PhotoRescue.
Don Agnew


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    Re[2]: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

     diron Posted Feb 23, 2005

    PhotoRescue really is amazing.. I thought I would be forced to format the memory stick. I was getting the C:13:01 error with my memory stick on my DSC-P92 and my computer wasn't even recognizing the file through my usb.. I downloaded other data recovery programs but it still couldn't read the file, then I saw this on PhotoRescues site..."PhotoRescue even deals with cases where the media is NOT visible as a drive letter anymore. We get at the pictures other recovery software does not even see. Our unique unfragmenting technology rebuilds cherished memories that would otherwise have been lost forever." Downloaded it, and there were my photos, out of 50 photos I tooked all weekend, I was able to sucessfully view 48 of them, not bad..

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