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Panasonic M9000

Jake Padar Posted Nov 21, 2003

Panasonic M9000 Quality

I am a supervisor of a media outfit owned by the local government here in the Philippines. I have four (4) Panasonic M9000 S-VHS cameras used for TV Productions. One bought on year 1998, one bought on year 1999 and the two other both bought on 2002. The problem is handling the color quality of these cameras (is always a problem) when being used simultaneously passing to a video mixer. They have different qualities, they're SHARPNESS differs from each other... it's like using diferent models of cameras when actually it's not. What seems to be the problem? Does each M9000 unit has a different quality of its own? Is there a problem or what it is about CCD (according to technicians)? Where exactly in Manila are the genuine service centers of Panasonic, particularly the M9000? I'm mostly being annoyed by these M9000 cameras that i'm handling.


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