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Re: Re: Sony DSR-PD170 What is new?

anonymous Posted Dec 19, 2003, in response to:adam

Ok adam. I will dis cuss it with you. I have the same problem. We exchange arguments. The other one trys to make the argument not valid. At the end( a few days later) we have made our mind up. First argument pro sonypd170: It is dvcam and there for it delivers a better picture. First argument pro Pan DVX100: it has leica lens wich is much better then the sony lens (we dont now where it comes from. Zeis?) First Con pd170:it is said that the audio has a hiss when the lcd is opened First Con dvx100: it is said that the audio has a bad performance (S/N, IM, Harm.dist.etc.) So can you commnent on it and give your(new) arguments?


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