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Re: Re: Re: Sony DSR-PD170 What is new?

anonymous Posted Dec 21, 2003, in response to:anonymous

"It is dvcam and there for it delivers a better picture." I do not believe my eyes. DVCAM deliveres better picture than DV? This is something new. DV and DVCAM are exactly the same.


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    The difference between DV and DVCam is really subtle. With the compact Sonys you can only do DVCam mode with the DV tape as opposed to, say, the DSR-200 that uses a larger tape. The reason DVCam is higher quality is that it records faster (about 20% off the top of my head.) So the result is like comparing SP to LP on a can\'t really notice the difference with your naked eye but it is there. It\'s unfortunate the DVX-100 doesn\'t have DVCam mode because with its great picture and lens it would be the perfect compact 3 chip cam.

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