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Re: Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

anonymous Posted Dec 22, 2003, in response to:Jeff

HERE IS THE SOLLUTION: I had the very same problem, error 13:01 on my sony DSC F707. 1. You have to reformat the memory stick FROM THE COMPUTER. 2. YOU DONT NEED A SPECIAL PROGRAM. 3. First I plugged my camera into the USB port using the cable that came with the camera. (The computer's USB port on one end of the cable and the slot that is revealed when you flip down the opening form the lens on the camera end of the cable). 4. On Windows I clicked did START, RUN, and then typed this exact thing in the run window (without the quote marks): "H: /FS:FAT /A:8192" "H" is my drive letter for my camera. Your drive letter may be different. 5. The important part is /A:8192. This means that the cluster-size on the memor stick has to be 8kb. (The standard format in windows 512kb clusters but the memory stick is different and you have to tell it so.) Happy picture-taking.


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