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Re: Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

Jan Luedemann Posted Jan 08, 2004, in response to:Jay Trayall

I have a new DSC-P32. Today I got the error message first time - in all of my memory sticks. It was not possible to format the sticks in the camera. Other formatting procedures does not work. A special software declared the sticks to be OK, and saved the pictures. The onliest successfully procedure was to insert one of the memory sticks rapidly for about 15 times until it works. After that all other sticks worked also. Thanks a lot. Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR - Jay Trayall - 25th Dec 2003 21:25 Believe it or not this worked. I have a brand neww DSC-p92 and after reformatting in my sandisk reader, my 16mb and my 64mb memory stick did not work. After spending a few hours searching for the solution, this was my last resort and it actually worked. I only removed and reinserted about three times and it finally recognized the stick. Thanks Billy Bob! Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR - Billy Bob - 10th Dec 2003 2:23 So I got the C:13:01 error again. This time, I just inserted and removed the memory stick rapidly 10-20 times -- helped but I fear/know it will happen again.


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    Thank you Jay T. Jan L....I can´t believe It!! The error C:13:01 actually has an easy solution... luckyly i didn´t take my camera to any special service, i just found the answer here on internet. So i less thing i can repeat the solution (that saved me DSC-P72): just take the memory stick off and re-insert it lot of times.. just keep doing it...until u solved the problem... that´s all u gotta do guys.. thanks.. and goodbye.. :D



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