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Re: JVC GR - DVL300

anonymous Posted Jan 11, 2004, in response to:Paul

I just did what that said..messed around with it for a while....turned those little white pegs clockwise mostly....and not my camera works again!! I hope it lasts. Let me know if it works for any of you guys.


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    Re[2]: JVC GR - DVL300

     Eric Posted Nov 16, 2005

    Hi guys-I have the same JVC model and had the same problem too. Basically, tapping the cassette compartment and resetting by removing the battery would help only temporarily.The problem is actually in the mode-switch, a very delicate switching device that controls access to various electrical functions of the unit. JVC have a replacement switch and I have my old switch with me to compare. It was certainly defective (within 3 months of purchase) and after replacing it, the unit never troubled me again. Also, try using JVC, Canon or Panasonic tapes only.I would not risk / try other brands. Keep a head cleaning tape handy- always.



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