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howard Enrique Posted May 06, 2004, in response to:john

Hi John, Were you able to find the main board for your TV? I too am in search for it. If you have found it, can you help me and let me know where? If not, then perhaps we can help each other, Please email me at Howard


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     Gene J Posted Dec 07, 2005

    I, too, am looking for the "main board" for sony model KV-36FV15, which may ( or may not!) be part number A 1298-961-A, which is " no longer available ". According to Sony ( the useless Parts Center ), I have to supply them with the part number even though I advised what a techie said was: "No Horizontal Drive from Processor" and I provided the Chassis number AA-2W, which they claim is not sufficient for them to identify which "board" needs replacement. I am curious how many consumers owning this model experienced the same treatment from this department called Direct Accessories and Parts Center ( DAPC )? My set was damaged in transit ( this 277 pound set is a rather ridiculous weight with modern technology ) and the transit company called in a service tech who said he has inspected "numerous" Sony's with the same problem: the Main Board is positioned too low in the chassis and suseptible to damage if the set is moved and set down ( for example ) on an angle and not placed flat down on a level surface. Did you ever locate the part? Have you ever gotten satisfaction from Sony? Your response, please. GJ

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