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Re: JVC GR - DVL300

Ryan Posted Jul 09, 2004, in response to:Paul

I work for a public affairs/media relations office and part of my job is documenting things my organization does. We purchased 5 of these cameras and every one of them now has the damn E04 message. I've read this forum front to back and was able to fix one of them. I opened the cassette compartment, left it empty, took off the battery, opened the view screen, beat the holy hell out of the camera, re-inserted the battery and by some miracle of God himself the thing works. I'm going to try it with the others now. I'll let you know what happens. I refuse to believe that beating the thing is the techical solutions, but hey, if it works it works. My hats off to the disgruntled consumer who figured this one out.


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    Re[2]: JVC GR - DVL300

     ADRIAN Posted Jan 04, 2008

    Wow!!! Unbelievable! I have a JVC Mini GR-DVL300U. I kept getting the same error message (E04) of remove battery and insert again...still same error message. I did as your post suggested. I opened the cassette door, removed the battery & opened the viewer. I gave a slight wack. re-inserted the battery, closed the cassette door and started it up. Works just fine!!! Amazing!!! While the procedure is sad...I am delighted to have the camera working before my son's first basketball game! Thanks Ryan



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