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Re: JVC GR - D70

D Posted Jul 13, 2004, in response to:Paul

I bought this camera 2/03. Used it about 20 minutes the first six months I owned it. Took it on vacation and the 2nd day (taped maybe 8 minutes the first day) I got the "E04" couldn't use it at all after that. Took it to Best Buy and they sent it to JVC. It cost me about $100 to fix. Now I get "condensation, operation paused" all the time. It works for a while and then I get that stupid error. Has anyone had success in getting JVC to fix the problems they are having with these cameras?


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    Re[2]: JVC GR - D70

     Brian Posted Jul 01, 2010

    I did this and it worked for me but I had to use a hair dryer to heat and dry the sensor before by camcorder would work.


    Re[2]: JVC GR - D70

     indiana jones Posted Apr 13, 2005

    i'm a tech and i'll tell you the secret. the moisture sensor is a little black square on the side of the drive motor. if you look directly where the tape goes in, the drive motor is in the far back left. it's partially hidden behind a silver pin hanging down from the black plastic cover that goes over the video head. take a long q-tip and dip it in glass cleaner(windex etc) and gently wipe it off. you should see a small amount of black guck on the q-tip. then remove power for about one minute and allow to dry. it's better to use air to dry it out.

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    Re[2]: JVC GR - D70

     arnold zoiffel Posted Jan 06, 2006

    To anybody still following this thread, slide the Video/DSC switch to DSC. Put the camcorder in Manual. Hit the menu button and find the System Menu. Now do a Cam Reset. This got rid of the Condesation error for me (so far) on the GR-D70.

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    Re[2]: JVC GR - D70

     Noreen Posted Jun 27, 2007

    I tried both solutions, and happy to report that the camera works!!!!!!!!!!!


    Re: Re: JVC GR - D70

     Diego Posted Dec 04, 2004

    I have the same problem. It used to work fine, but for the last two weeks I was unable to use it at all. If someone has a recomendation about this, it will help me a lot. Thnks.



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