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Re: JVC service or questions

al lozano Posted Aug 06, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

i have a JVC GR-DVP3U . all of a sudden, 2 things are occurring. 1 - the auto focus is not functioning properly. It will go in and out of focus for no apparent reason. the lens is clean and the battery is fully charged. 2 - the viewfinder is black. always. dead. this is the lcd viewfinder. camera is still functional thru the eyepiece. any comments?


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    I have the non-focusing issue with my JVC GR-DVP3U. I took it to a JVC repair facility here in Chicagoland. Where they said they would only look at it if I paid them first. They charged me 50.00 and said they couldn't replicate the error. That there was nothing wrong with my camera. Meanwhile I get it home and it's still broken. Still won't focus. Lying morons. Never JVC, ever again.


    I have a jvc camcorder model gr_sxm250u and y have de same problem my autofocus it not working for not reason goin out of focus and i heard a little noise caming from inside i barely used this camera never have any hit or scratch,seems that it is comon problem . Did you found any solution for it> Thank sergio detroit michigan


    Exactly the same happened to me on the JVC DVP3U The autofocus stopped working without reason. I treated the camera like a baby, since it was very expensive when I bought it, so I didn't wan't "surprises". One day it began to make strange noises when zooming and the autofocus wasn't doing it's job properly. I'm in Argentina and the Service from the store I bought it (not JVC since this model never came officially into the country) began to tell me that someone opened the camera before....that was completely BS and only excuses (the camera was still under guarantee. Finally after arguing several times they "fixed" it without cost. Last reason of the misfunction as they told me was that the optical engine was bad assembled.... If this is right, then the camera was sold with this problem...since nobody opened it before them. End result: they didn`t assemble the camera very well, since the optical viewfinder cannot be opened easily and scratches the metal body....the noises dissapeared but the autofocus is still in trouble. Now, after about 2 years of using it properly, the LCD stopped showing the images, it is the flexible cable that anyhow makes a false contact. Also the small watch battery that keeps the date and time when the main battery is out doesn't work also. Really a disappointing piece of technology (I was very happy when I bought it, but now...never JVC again) I`ll stick to Sony which is a better brand.... However I need to fix the LCD and need to know any idea of the repair cost. Appreciate your help on this, in order not to pay much more than the real cost. Sorry, did`t want to sound offensive, but when you invest a lot of money in some device that should offer the same or more of what you paid for and it doesn't, how do you feel then?

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    Re: Re: JVC service or questions

     Jim Posted Dec 06, 2004

    I have repaired this model camcorder, typically when this model camcorder has optical problems the camera also has a small dent over the lens, this model doesnt hold up well to impacts.

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