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JVC service or questions

Stacy Sample Posted Jan 31, 2004

Assistance with JVC product

If anyone has a question regarding a problem with thier JVC product (error codes, safeguard mode etc) write me for troubleshooting assistance. Please provide your model # if available and note this site so I can assist you better. Stacy Sample JVC Service & Engineering Houston, Texas


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    Hello, I have a JVC RM-C1508 and I'm having problems connecting my Playstation 3 to the thing. I'm using the HDMI1/E4 port but the screen remains blue. No sound either...

    A the back it says:
    Model No. LT-32A85BU
    SERIAL NO 09371317 RE

    Any ideas?? ^^

    Thanks in advance!


    Re: JVC service or questions

     george Posted Feb 18, 2004

    Stacy, I see many (at least 10) who all complain about the same failure mode, including myself, on the JVC XX-980 series TV's. I've seen inquiries on the tech line that show the same issues. I also contacted JVC service center in and got the same "I'm sure we can fix it, but we want to see if it is cost effective to do so," lip service. DO you guys have a consumer affairs department. I see a design defect here that is costing consumers a lot of money, and also causing lost future business for JVC. My television is only 4.5 years old and wasn't used that much - until one day - dead. As an electrical engineer, I could troubleshoot the TV but I really don't have the time or desire to do so. I would prefer not to spend a couple hundred bucks on a design defect only to have it do the same thing "in a few more years." Is there anything you can do to help? Thanks, GEorge

    Comments 8, Last comment by bdahl385 Sep 03, 2012

    Having Problem with my Camera,The Cassette was stuck inside the camera and i tried to eject but it can't. when press the eject button and it appears on the screen saying Warning 3300 unloading Failure. thanks walford

    Comment 1, Last comment by moni Aug 06, 2012


    i have the jvc tv model wm-35d30es
    when I turn on the tv the green light comes on, but the image on the screenand sound don't appare.
    Anyone have an idea for the problem
    anyone have the service manual my mail is

    dear Silvano


    Re: JVC service or questions

     jaymz Posted Aug 26, 2005

    I would like to know how I can get the owners manual for the JVC KD-S630 car stereo. I have just recently purchased a car that came with this model stereo. Thank you for your time.

    Comment 1, Last comment by fred Jan 15, 2012

    For those of you, like myself suffering the neverending problems with your JVC Mini-DV's, I believe I may have solved one problem and possibly more. I was having cronic problems with the Condensation and Clean Head errors. JVC was no, and I mean NO help. This is for those that are at the end of their ropes. I removed every single tiny little screw on the exterior case. All the screws on the inside of the viewer abd also there is one inside the S-Video flap if yours comes equipped. There is also a screw on the top on the piece in front of the eye viewer. Carefully, and I mean carefully, seperate the pieces. Inside there are a few connectors that connect the two halves. The one closest to the rear (thumb switch), if unplugged will do a "hard reset". Leave unplugged for about 5 minutes (atleast that is how long I left it unplugged). It has been good for a couple days now. You will have to reset time and date and settings but, this has, atleast for the time being solved both of my problems. And they were problems that popped up everytime I turned on the camera. It progressively has gotten worse over the last few months. I havent been able to use it at all since 3 minutes before the birth of my son 3 weeks ago. I actually thought I might get to video the birth but because of JVC's lack of engineering ability and total disregard for the consumers who buy their products, I had to be satisfied with still pictures. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! My camera is a JVC GRD-90u.

    Comments 9, Last comment by jedijoma Oct 27, 2011

    my jvc model av 36050 tv won't turn on. have power to it

    Comment 1, Last comment by Ariel Sep 06, 2011

    Hello I have a lt 32dv20 and after a month the picture is stuck in what seems to be a test pattern it shows a solid black with a white border then red blue and green and just repeats this pattern I am not able to control it through the remote or the front panel buttons. please any help would be great. If there is some sort of service menue that I can use I am quite handy that way. cheers steven

    Comment 1, Last comment by Matt Aug 25, 2011

    I ahve a jvc mx-s2 component system, the cd will not spin I het a "no disc" message. I see a lot of messages posted about the same problem with this model. If I can fix it please advise me how 2 do so and if I need 2 buy a part please advise me where. I also need a new remote, the dog got the old thankyou very much. eddie

    Comment 1, Last comment by alibaba Jul 25, 2011

    no picture, no sound, only a blue blinking light at the bottom of the tv... model #lt-32ex18


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