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Thomas D Posted Sep 12, 2004

I have brand new Sony LCD screens for the T1 digital camera! If your screen is broken, you can replace it yourself and save hundreds! Im in the USA and a Powerseller on eBay so you know Im trustworthy. eBbay name is DarnToothySam please check it out

You can place an order for one, and if I dont have it in stock you dont have to pay until I have one ready to ship to you! They are selling really fast so each week I order more. Total price for a brand new sealed authentic Sony LCD?? ONLY $110 INCLUDING SHIPPING & INSURANCE IN THE USA!! Shipping outside the US will be higher, please contact me for rates. I will also buy your damaged and non-working Sony digital cameras or laptop computers! Please contact me if you have a DSC, MVC,


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    Tengo una camara DSC-P72 con el lente del Zoom trabado ya que no entra ni sale, ¿alguien me puede informar donde repararla en mi país Mexico?, gracias de antemano.


    Hi. I have a sony cybershot Dsc-p72 with a broken screen. I would like to fix the screen myself if you think it is feesable. I have tried to contact Sony, but i can not get a deffinate answer on the price. If it is easier to sell the camera, how much could i get with a broken screen? The camera was used for 2 months before the screen cracked. It is in good condition. Please reply at Thank You Dan Rowe


    I am interested in a replacement lcd screen for my dsc-t1. Please send me the instructions on how to disassemble my camera, remaove and replace the lcd so that i can see if it looks like i can perform the repair. Also tell me what guarantee you include. thank you, jack


    Sony DSC-T1 matt display

     Kip Bodi Posted Jan 16, 2005

    Hello, I have a DSC-T1 which I left in my pocket while on vacation. It got some scratches on the screen, which seem to have only taken off the very top layer of whatever coating it uses. I've looked online for a way to repair them, but there isn't much information out there. Do you know of any product available that I can use to reapply the matt display coating? It would be much appreciated. Thank you, Kip Bodi


    I need one Sony T1 display.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Thomas D Jan 08, 2005

    i lost my original camera case for the DSC t11 - the white one from japan. the case is semi soft, silver in color and came in the original box. if you have any leads on where i can find the exact original pouch, please advise. thanks in advance.


    Hello I am looking for a replacement lcd screen for a sony cybershot DSC-T1 5.0 Megapixel digitol camera. I was wondering how much a new screen would cost including shipping. Mine got cracked and everything is all blurry on it. Thank you and have a nice day.


    I am very interested in purchasing a replacement screen for my Sony T1. I am rather technical and don't think I'll have a problem, but what does the replacement procedure entail? Is it merely a matter of unscrewing, opening, removing and replacing or are there any catches? I know it says it in your description but can you please confirm that the prodcut you are selling is in fact brand new? Thanks in advance, David Proctor

    Comments 2, Last comment by Albert Jan 02, 2005

    I have a Sony DSCP72 digital camera and its LCD Screen is broken, Have you it? how much it costs? Is possible I fixing it? I´m in Mexico. calculate sending to Guanajuato Mexico. thank you.


    How do I find out more about the DSC-T1 lcd displays you have? How do I order one? What is the lead time? Do you know about installation (pretty basic?). Are they guaranteed operable?


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