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JUL Posted Nov 19, 2004, in response to:Abhi hupare

Visit this site and apply the solution two or three times and after you will take your pictures Symptoms : · After pressing the power button in capture mode, the lens would extend and a slight humming from what appeared to be the auto focus motor could be heard for about 5 seconds. When the motor stopped humming, the camera would beep and display E:61:00 in the LCD Screen. · Camera would extend the lens but not be able to focus on anything past 8 inches or so. · Zoom in and out did not work. · Playback mode and the Setup mode was not affected. Solution : This may sound crazy and this has not happened since I did this but here is what I did to get rid of that error message. I have not had that problem since but here was my steps: · Turn the camera off · Hold the camera face down over a hard surface (Like you are going to take of your desk) with only about half an inch above the surface. · Turn the camera on · Let the lens extend into the hard surface, don’t let it extend all the way. Mine retracted slightly and then tried to extend again (let it extend the second time). · Lift the camera away from the hard surface and notice that the error message is gone. · Take pictures of your favorite things. Theory : I suspect there is a turn style screw that has a minimum and a maximum point that it should not go past during operation. For some unknown reason, I think this error message means that I am less than the minimum set point. This would explain the motor humming (spinning) trying to push the auto focus motor into this acceptable range. By not letting the camera fully extend, it basically forced it back into a good position in that range. This could explain why I have read others being able to fix an error message of E:61:10. The simple solution to fix that error message was to the let the lens fully extend and give the lens a good whack. Possibly this error message for this means, that the auto focus motor was past the maximum set point. The whack forced it back into a good position in that range.


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    FUNCIONA !!!!!!!!!!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS Explico en expañol: Apagar la camara Sujetar la camara a 2 cm de la mesa, con la lente hacia abajo encender Cuando se esté encendiendo el lente chocará con la mesa y no se abrirá por completo. Volverá a esconderse y saldrá de nuevo. En ese momento levantar la cámara para que la lente se extienda por completo. Y LISTO !!!!!!!!!! PS: Tengo la Sony DSC-P71


    This works!!!!! I have tried it after reading this message and I can confirm my own success! Thank you for the advice!



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