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GR-D33AG to PC

billy Posted Dec 07, 2004

anyone help me plz

i've buy JVC video camera but i've there is no cd or some driver from the camera to PC when i put the usb from the camera to PC it's doesn't work so can ant one help me plz how can i connect the JVC camera type GR-D33AG to PC thx


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    Re: GR-D33AG to PC

     Javier Posted Feb 07, 2005

    You need: 1.- A software, for example Image Mixer 1.1 2.- A fireware adapter, usually included in newest PC. Otherwise, you can buy a firewire adapter, i.e.: 3. A cable with a DV end. If you buy an adapter, it usually includes one. I hope this information will be usefull. Javier

    Comment 1, Last comment by sameer Mar 29, 2008

    como puedo conectar mi camara GR-D33ag al pc y ver las imagenes a traves del pc?

    Comment 1, Last comment by Admin Nov 14, 2006


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