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naushad Posted Dec 15, 2004, in response to:CRIS

My DCR-PC110 Sony Handycam's flasher stopped functioning. It started givin a error message called E91:01 I found out later that a specail circuit board inside the camera had be damaged along with the micro transformer. The circuit board No. is PIU-110-11MC-5-10, EP-GW. Is there anyway I can get this circuit board ? Or can u give me any advice how to repair this problem


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     Krissie Posted Nov 24, 2006

    Hi, I have the same problem.(((E:91:01)) Mine started after I replaced the battery with one I purchased on e-Bay, I am considering a new camera?? #. Have you found the part you are needing and where,how much, and do they install? #2. Do you think the battery I purchaed from e-Bay could have caused this, or is this from not turning the camera off before you take the floppy out? Or do you know what causes this proble to occur? Regards, Krissie



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