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Re: JVC GR - DVL300

greg Posted Dec 20, 2004, in response to:Paul

Hi, I have had the same problem and wanted to see if you had figured it out yet. Sincerely, Greg


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    Re[2]: JVC GR - DVL300

     Unknown Posted Jun 04, 2005

    Does anyone actually read all the posts or just the ones that are negative? Anyone who reads thru these posts needs to ask themselves what is the common denominator here when using DV camcorders? TAPES, TAPES, TAPES, TAPES. Just in case you missed it the last 4 times TAPES!!!!!!!!! This is not the answer to all the problems but a large majority, I can promise you. There are several brands of tapes on the market and some you can buy anywhere and everywhere. Trust me on this people...don't buy TDK...don't buy Maxell. Let me repeat DON'T BUY TDK OR MAXELL!!!! Now say it to yourself several times till it sinks in (Don't buy TDK or Maxell) Trust me that they work horribly and cause un-necessary problems more times than not. You can remove the tape and insert it till the cows come home but the problems will remain for most of you because the problem may be the tape you keep trying to use. For those of you reading this that primarily use either brand mentioned or have them mixed in to your collection, try this suggestion below with an open mind. Reset procedure: Do this step by step for optimum reset of micro-processor. (This will attempt clear the mind of the camcorder and let it start thinking with a fresh memory) If you have a tape in your cam, remove it and then close up the cabinet and power it down. Once powered down...remove the power source (battery or DC cord) Then after a minute or so re-apply your power source and power up the camcorder. Once you do, put in a NEW JVC or Panasonic tape ONLY!!!. I repeat "JVC OR PANASONIC TAPE". Then try a new recording and playback. If at that time your product does not clear your problem then contact JVC. In addition, keep in mind that you may be doing something operationally and inadvertently causing your product to fail. YES THIS DOES HAPPEN AND QUITE OFTEN. Here are some tips to remember and live by. 1. Don't store your tape in the cam when you are not going to use it for extended periods of time or store it away. 2. Be aware of extreme temperature changes (eg: going from air cond car or house to hot out door environments and vis-versa) 3. If a failure or problem occurs FIRST properly reset your camcorder and use a NEW tape. (remember which brands I recommended you use?) Don't keep trying to force the usage of a tape the product is rejecting or giving errors with. IF the tape is bad and you keep trying to use it, the cam will either end up with it jammed inside only worsening your problem or you will continue to have symptoms and errors. (if you ate a certain food and it always made you sick to your stomach...would you eventually stop eating it or keep forcing it down hoping in time it won't make you sick) The tape is the food item and the cam is the stomach. 4. Do not beat on or tap on camcorder. That is not a fix. 5. Do not store or keep your camcorder in a closed up car in hot or very cold temperatures. Exposure to such elements can cause failures. (Temperature issues are noted all throughout your user manual) For those of you not familiar with what the user manual is the white booklet that explains what to do and not do. I am not trying to be rude but how many of you can say you truly read and comprehended your manual? This takes me to my next item on the list that is worth mentioning again....#6 6. READ THE MANUAL!! There is VERY helpful info in there that most people would benefit from. 7. If the tape won't load or if the tape basket jams up don't force anything. Don't pry a tape out or try to remove it if it is stuck. Don't push on or pull on the tape basket. Please understand...these suggestions may not work or pertain to everyone. But it is worth a try before you give up on the cam or write a blistering "I hate JVC" message. Finally, don't assume that becaues you have an error that others have that you all have the same problem. Error codes just tell you something is wrong and general location of problem but they do not tell you exactly what the problem is. Look at it from a different perspective. If your check engine light comes on while you are driving does it tell you exactly what is causing that indicator to light up? NO!! It just tells you to check engine. Error codes are check engine lights on your camcorder, nothing more...nothing less. Look at all the potential problems and don't focus on the cam only. Don't let your mind assume the worst just because you see others on line asking the same question. Remember the tape is also mechanical. If one mechanical item is working but not the item it interacts with, these together will not work properly. If you have a cam that is 3-6 years old, ask yourself when did you finally get an error. was it 2,3 or 4 years later? Did you truly get use out of the product but now have an error and the means to easily google the error in search of answers? If you got the cam fixed one time and you are having a problem again, are any of the operational habits listed something you do regularly? IF they may be part of the problem without knowing it and you can be most of the solution by changing it. I hope this info has helped.



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