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Re: Re: Re: Re: JVC service or questions

Brian Posted Dec 23, 2004, in response to:Jeff Yablon

I found the problem. I read through a few other forums and found a guy who said that JVC camcorders are designed only to work with a TI chipset on the firewire card. Lo and behold on my last computer I was using a firewire adapter card with a TI chipset. I tried a few other software changes to try to fix the problem and nothing worked. The only thing that did work was moving to this firewire adapter card. I do not remember the make of the adapter card but it was the cheapest that I've found. I would recommend researching the card before buying to see if it will work with JVC. Now as my opinion about all of this is I'm upset at JVC for designing thier equipment for something specific when it should be a universal format. No one should have to go out and spend more money in order to use the camcorder for the main reason it was designed. In the furture when I replace this camcorder, I will buy another brand. And you were right. MS, JVC and HP all were absolutely no help at all. Thanks for your help and response!!!


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