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Re: JVC service or questions

Rob Hoeft Posted Dec 26, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

I have a jvc grd-70u mini dv camcorder, I had used it for several months and it worked great. Then one day i used it and when I was finished I put it in its case, placed it on the shelf, and the next day pulled it out to use it and power up. I have three spare bateries fully charged and none of them work. The Charger does nothing either, no power up, no charging.....dead! I had the charger checked and its output is correct. I have never dropped the unit,it hase never been jared around or been used in a rough environment. So...i went online and started looking up "Grd-70u Repair" and within five minutes had found several forums with dozens and dozens of users with the same problem. One of them said that while his was in warranty he had this problem, took it in , they replaced a fuse and it was fine for another couple of months and it happened again when it was out of warranty. This is concerning to me since I payed good money for a product that i though was manufactured by a reputable company who made quality products, do i need to start looking to a different manufacturer for quality products? This seems to be a wide spread problem with your products, is there anything you can do to help, or should i just go elsewhere?


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