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Re: JVC service or questions

Jim Ray Posted Dec 26, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

I have a JVC AV27950 and the picture would reduce to a horizontal white line across the center of the screen. The picture would return after turning off the set and then back on. This worked for a while. Now, after turning the set on, the screen is black, but if left on a short time the horizontal white line reappears. The sound is fine and it seems to change channels ok. I saw somewhere that the vertical hold might have a bad connection and need soldering. I don't think I'm that brave and even if I were, I don't have a clue as to where to look. I was hoping there would be a component that I would just slide out and replace but don't know where to start. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jim Ray, Memphis, TN


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