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Re: JVC service or questions

Michael Waters Posted Dec 31, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

GR-DX75AA Camcorder 1 year old When trying to record all I get is a black screen it says lens cap on although the lens cap is removed. This is intermittent sometimes I turn it on and it works normally and other times when turned on it will start working after about three minutes. Can you help me?


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    Hi. We also have a JVC GR-DX75AA with this problem: MOST of the time it displays a dark screen and the legend "Lens cap On". Sometimes it works, sometimes it shows vertical lines of light and shade that change as you pan around - so clearly the lens is still getting light in - something int he electronics would appear to be the problem. Any suggestions welcome. Chris


    Likewise I have a JVC Digital video camera Model GR-20E. When recording I receive the message that the lens cap is still on, as I perservere and turn on record I get no image whatsoever. The screen indicates recording is operating. Any solutions? Michael did you find a solution?

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