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Re: JVC service or questions

Cameron Jones Posted Jan 01, 2005, in response to:Stacy Sample

I have a 27" JVC model AV-2751S television (August 1991). A few years ago, I had to have it repaired and now, the same problem has reoccurred. Now, when we turn the TV on, sound works fine but there is a thin white line across the middle of the screen. There is no other picture other than this line. I have taken the back off to see if I could find any spots where some repair welding may have occurred and to see if it was just a simple spot needing to be rewelded but was unable to find anything out of the ordinary. I thank you for any advice or information your could supply. Cameron


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    I had this exact same problem with the same model of 27 inch JVC (Model AV-2751S). Someone had put this TV at the curb to be thrown away and I took it home and after running it for awhile the video started tearing and a narrow white horizontal line was all that appeared through the center of the screen. After unplugging and removing the back I discharged the picture tube and took off the wire connectors to the circuit board. After sliding the circuit board out I cleaned the bottom of the board with 99 percent alcohol with a cut down paint brush. I touched up the solder connections on IC421 and the other IC chips. After cleaning the collected dust and dirt out with a vacuum and using an anti-static spray of my own concoction (scent free fabric softener mixed with water in a spray bottle) on the plastic case, wiped dry, I reassembled the chassis and the TV now works perfectly.


    I have had several problems with this model of set and ALL of them have been due to the breakdown of the solder joints. Primarily this has been on the vertical deflection IC. It does not have a sufficent heatsink and so over a long period of time the solder will breakdown and create a cold solder joint and and intermittant connection. Resoldering the pins to the circuit board has solved the problem.



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