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Re: Re: Re:sony DSC-P10 CYBERSHOT

Brad Anders Posted Jan 05, 2005, in response to:Miguel Ottaviano

I have a dsc-p9 camera with the same type of problem. Have you found any way to fix it?


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    Re[4]: sony DSC-P10 CYBERSHOT

     Mono Posted Jul 27, 2005

    Hi. I've just solved similar problem. I don't know if it would help you too, but here it is: The problem was caused by a stall of one of motors, probably the one opening lens. Its transmission is very delicate - I had to open it very carefully, clean it and apply some silicon lubricant. I deattached transfocator ("zoom") motor and its transoptor too (taking care of small cap). I moved it by hand to check if it was stalled. It wasn't, but - who knows - maybe that helped. Then I assembled everything back and - to my surprise - camera started to work properly. Remember: BE VERY CAREFUL while opening camera- it's very easy to break "foil wires"!!!!! Always remember to open the connector before pulling wire out of it and DO NOT USE FORCE! I know this method and its description is kinda lame, but maybe it'll help you in some way - I hope. Greetz from Poland! Mono


    I have not found a way. I have simply read the expert comment from a guru that the lens motor is probably 'on the fritz' and should be replaced. Now my zoom mechanism is doing funny things, the lens is not closing completely and other unexplainable stuff. It seems to me that there is a pattern here (quite a few users with the same problem) and that Sony may have put a defective product on the market (namely, their lens assembly for these cameras).

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