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Jeremiah M. Faries Posted Jan 09, 2005, in response to:CRIS

I have a sony dcr-pc100 and I suspect the thin flat power lines that go from the camera body to the door are broken. Initially, the camera would not go to record unless the door was open but now the camera will not go to record or playback at all. The cassette compartment will open and close. Is it a big job to replace that thin cable? or should I start to look for a new camcorder?


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     jalvex Posted Mar 12, 2005

    Hello. Sorry I only read your post right now. I've change that flexible cable from my camera yesterday. It's not very difficult.But you must be carefull and patient.You must remove some screws and change the entire block (Sony only supply the entire thing) wich is a little expensive.At least here in Europe. I've paid 200 Euros.You also have to change from the old block to the new, a little battery inside removing two solderings.Close the camera and thats it.If you want more help email me and i even can send you somne pictures of my camera open showins some parts you need to do your job. Sorry for my english (I'm portuguese). Good luck.

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