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SONY C:13:01 ERROR on CD media

w.mcbride Posted Jan 10, 2005, in response to:anonymous

I have the CD400 model. Some information on this error. I have learned the hard way that Sony's recommendation to use their [expensive] media was more than just self interest. There are a lot of quality issues with CD media. As my camera has aged it is more and more intollerant of off-brand media. This is true even though I have not shot more than a 1000 images with the camera. While I can plan on getting the c:13:01 error with unbranded disks, I can still use the Sony disks without much if any problem. Analysis of the unbranded disks by CD/DVD diagnostic reveal that the camera does little if any verification of the data it thinks it has written to disk. I have a disk with at least 75 images on it that was recorded so badly that the disgnostic can barely salvage 16 of them. The initial format of the CD seems to be part of the problem because the CD diagnostic cannot find the kind of information written to the disk by the format process. If the format was bad, the disk is doomed and the worst part is that the camera doesn't have the sense to know that the media is invalid and happily writes images which in the end cannot be recovered. SONY needs to pay a lot more attention to this in future products and shame on them for releasing products which have these kinds of issues.


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