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Panasonic SA-HT70 wont play DVD - says No Disc

Bill Jordan Posted Jan 26, 2005

When I put DVD in, tries to read, just get No Disc message.

I tried a DVD cleaner, but I got the same message. I hear that I can try to clean the laser myself, but am too nervous about taking it apart and messing something up. Any advise?


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    Okay, I know that this is a little out dated as most posts I have read are about a year old. I had the same problem as most, what I found worked was if you take the cover off and leave power on, if you see the lazer fire, than it's the spindle, if you don't see the lazer, get a new DVD. If you did see the lazer fire, and your disk is not spinning just give it a little help and nudge it clockwise. (NUDGE) it should start spinning. And then read disks fine. This worked for me. The problem is lack of use, dust and other stuff had built up on the spindle and the motor is not powerful enough to push through it. If you're careful a bit of 3n1 lube on an end of a clean q-tip on the shaft of the spindle should work great. (make sure you have the tray open and then unplugged for this one) If all this doesn't seem to work, sorry. For about a 150.00 you can get a new one as they are getting cheaper now a days. Ours was 300.00 4 years ago. Hope this was helpful!

    Comment 1, Last comment by Jim Asher Sep 21, 2009

    I read all the ideas here and just opened mine to look. After removing the cover of the dvd read/write assembly I saw that there is a lot of dirt stuck to the surface of the rubber wheel that drives the disc. I am quite confident that cleaning with denatured alcohol will cure this.

    Comment 1, Last comment by sai Sep 17, 2009

    used disc cleaner on my works just fine now.... r u a smoker? i ask this because the people that i had gotten mine from smoked and it was really dirty and wouldn't work for them. So once i got it i took it apart myself and used keyboard cleaner and a disc cleaner an haven't had problems with it since.


    I have the same model, thankfully i took the extended warrantee option so mine will be repaired by panasonic.


    my dvd player can load only cd's but not dvd, i dont y , can u help me


    Hi, My SA-HT70 DVD player had same "No Disc" error. I referred to this site and found good advice especially about checking spindle or laser lens. I bought DVD lens cleaner for $12 and it fixed the problem. DVD player seems to be running good. I read everyone's view and felt I should also put my two cents. Thanks, Vinit

    Comment 1, Last comment by donchev Jan 31, 2008

    My Panasonic SA-HT70 wont play DVD - says No Disc. I am frustrated because I don't know what to do since I have fallen in love with this system.


    Someone is selling one on craigs list what did you pay for it I cant find a price anywhere.. thx for a reply


    I have the same problem. I read somewhere about a guy who cleaned the laser himself and it worked after that.

    Comment 1, Last comment by John Jan 03, 2007

    This motor is used in many Panasonic models. Some sites suggest to simply lubricate it. In many case, this will give a second life for a while.

    Comment 1, Last comment by mo Apr 08, 2006
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