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Re: Sony DSC F707 error e::61:10 (and Sony DCR-PC9E)

Philly Posted Feb 07, 2005, in response to:bekkah

Well blow me down if the "two wacks" doesn't work on my Sony DCR-PC9 as well. I had forgotton I'd dropped mine back at the airport. Firm wacks against the palm of your hand works - although mine took about six wacks! Kept the power off.


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    Thank you all so much for the great advice. It F'n worked!!! I had the box and bubble wrap all ready to ship for repairs, when i decided to do a "controlled drop" on the opposite side of the impact that caused this mess. Held it about 6" from the hardwood floor and dropped it twice. Now, the full auto-focus range is back with the image stabilization. Some might say that dropping it on a hard wood floor may be a little to risky, But I was ready to ship it out anyways and bite the bullet on a repair bill. You see I was smacking the Sh$! out of it the other day and it didn't work...even tried a rubber mallet. I guess it couldn't quite get it jarred enough. Well, thanks for all of your responses, once again.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Raymund dela Pena Mar 07, 2005


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