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Re: JVC GR - DVL300

michael Posted Jun 02, 2005, in response to:Paul

Utter nonsense! We had the E04 problem - nothing would fix it, tape in, tape out, no joy... Read the advice on here... on reasonably hard clout on the top from the wife and -hey presto- darn thing is working... bonkers!


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    My basic JVC camcorder had by all appearances given up the ghost and I was resigned to buying another, then I suddenly thought that I would have a look on line to see if anybody had any ideas before I wrecked it to get the tape out. The only suggestion that appeared to have any sense was to give it a bash. I would enjoy that, so I did, and for good measure, dropped it on the deck. Need I say it worked. Not only Have I got my tape back, but the lights have come on and it's charging up. Thanks to Michael at globalmediapro eshop posted 2005. Saved me over two and a half quid that did. Don Nicholls, Dorset.



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