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Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

Jim Johnson Posted Aug 12, 2005, in response to:anonymous

It is the Memory Stick NOT the camera!!! I have 2 Sony cameras (high res still and a video), and over 5 memory sticks, most made by SanDisk. I just purchased an additional 1GB Memory Stick PRO made by SanDisk. It worked for the first 100 photo until images started to become corrupted. Then I got the dreaded Disk Error C:13:0:1. I can not be reformatted the Stick in any of my cameras or in the commuters. When I put it in the Media port on my laptop it crashes the computer. Also when I put the Stick in the Camera then plug that into the computer it tells me that the Stick is not working properly. All my cameras, computers and memory Sticks are work as normal except for the new Stick. SO, by elimination, if you have the same error, more than likely it is the Stick not your camera. Good luck.


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