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Re: Sony Trinitron XBR Model KV-32XBR75

Eric Posted Aug 21, 2005, in response to:Jennifer

The no turn on problem that you now have is probably not related to the original problem. When the picture took a long time to come on, did you have OSD (On Screen Display)? If you did, than the problem wasn't the picture tube. It would be very costly to replace the picture tube if it indeed is defective. Plus you also have this new problem. Do you know of a service center that you trust or have been recommended to? If so maybe you can obtain a rough estimate? Good Luck, Eric


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    Bonjour Eric This tv is great! I have the same problem with the on & off It also takes about 45mins to turn on yet the picture is great Its 32inches and it tunes left & right on its base Do you think it's worth saving or pull the plug:) Thanks *_*


    Thank you for your reply, I don't know very much about the service center so I am debating just getting rid of the t.v. I am in a graduate program right now and a single mommy so money is very tight. I may just put it in my garage until I can afford to fix it. I am pretty tech illiterate! I was hoping for a quick fix!! thanks



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