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Sony Trinitron XBR Model KV-32XBR75

Jennifer Posted Aug 21, 2005

This tv was passed down to me from my dear grandmother and I refuse to get rid of it, I have been told it will be more to fix it then it is worth please help with advice

In the beginning of the problem the picture would only come on after the t.v. had been on for about an hour so we assumed that it was the picture tube. How much are these and do you think that is what it could be? Then the t.v. refused to turn on at all as if telling us that it was done working for us and to stop pushing it!! I guess even machines don't like to be treated like machines. Anyways could this be a new and different problem or related to a picture tube going out?


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    The no turn on problem that you now have is probably not related to the original problem. When the picture took a long time to come on, did you have OSD (On Screen Display)? If you did, than the problem wasn't the picture tube. It would be very costly to replace the picture tube if it indeed is defective. Plus you also have this new problem. Do you know of a service center that you trust or have been recommended to? If so maybe you can obtain a rough estimate? Good Luck, Eric

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    i worked in sony service for almost 20 years. and my product category was TV. i always advised cutomers to stay out of it. and i fixed a lot of TV'S that cutomers tried to fix themselves. all they wound up doing was more damage. there should be a sticker on the back that says "refer service to quailified personel". something to that effect. on TV'S its good advise. you are going into a danger zone. very dangerous!!!!! what did the picture look like??? was it bright with good color??? or was it dull and fuzzy looking??? if the later it is the tube. when the tube emmission goes down the pic looks bad and the IK circuit shuts off the video drive. if the pic looked good the posibilities are endless. and i worked on a ton that had "sentimental value". sorry but, i recommend a pro here. here is sonys search for repair: you will probably have to pay for an est charge. Gary


    looks like the CRT is weak consider the age(hours).it may also be a cold solder. if it is the crt, try to bring the screen level up at FB transformer, and also try to slightly increase the heater voltage of the CRT.Also,Cheat the IK blank signal by reduce the IK blank singal path resistor or diode may help.these is very technicial job and do not try it yourself,leave it to expert technican(not fresh technician job).

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