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Re[3]: Error Codes Assistance

Brian Ralston Posted Aug 22, 2005, in response to:Alex

Wow...this was a long time ago. Anyway...the solution was buy a new DVD player. I had my Sony S7700 in the shop for a couple months, literally everything was replaced on it except the mother board. The laser assembly, the motor, even all the connections on the motherboard were re-soldered to ensure a good connection, etc...etc... In the end, it was determined that it was a motherboard failure and the cost of replacing the motherboard with a new one was going to be prohibitively expensive and more than buying a new top of the line DVD player, since they don't make that motherboard anymore. So I bought a new Sony 999ES DVD/SA-CD player for around $600 + tax. Got it at (Pronounced "eddie").


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    Re[4]: Error Codes Assistance

     Alex Posted Aug 22, 2005

    Hi brian. First of all, I want to thank you for your answer even if it contains bad news. :-) So, as you said, I should buy another one. Bad news..., bad news. I would prefer to repair it, but I don't know if it will be cheap or not. Thanks again, Best regards. Alex



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