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Error Codes Assistance

Stacy Sample Posted Jan 23, 2004

Assistance for Error Codes

If anyone is having any kind of Error code, clean head icon or any other concern, contact me first before assuming you have a problem. My e-mail is I am knowledgeable and have helped many people past their error codes without service. Several things can cause error codes and I would be more than happy to assist you in determining if you do indeed have a problem and what options you have available. Please refer to this site if you contact me. Thank you. Stacy Sample Service Coordinator Houston, Texas


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    Re: Error Codes Assistance

     christy Posted Mar 25, 2013

    Hi Stacey,

    I have "SYSTEM ERROR" coming up on my FUNAI. HDR-B2735. I wonder if you can help with this problem.I tried a factory reset and pushing the small reset button on the front panel.


    Chris. Dowling.


    I have a sony betacam sp deck model: UVW-1800 with the error code 02-674. It had a tape stuck in it but I got the tape out. Any ideas on how I get rid of the code so I can use the deck again? Thanks.... Tim

    Comment 1, Last comment by Halfzero Nov 30, 2012

    Had the same error message on my TRV-720, and could not come up with a solution for weeks until I found this website: Now the fix you will not believe, nor did I at first, but requires you to power off the unit completely and "Smack it" a few times fairly hard. Now you may do this at your risk, but I swear it fixed mine and all the other people listed at the above web site. I thought it was a joke - but it works!! Good Luck! TJR

    Comments 136, Last comment by HowTo FixThis Oct 15, 2012

    Re: Error Codes Assistance

     J. S. Posted May 01, 2008

    I have a Panasonic SA-HT67 and i am getting a error code H07. Any help will be much appreciated.

    Comment 1, Last comment by nexkal Dec 03, 2011

    Hi: I have a Sony SLV 960HF vcr that won't eject the tape. It shows error code 3L 117c or 3L 118c. When I press the eject button, the vcr head spins for a moment, but nothing else happens. Thanks Bill

    Comment 1, Last comment by videovid Oct 18, 2011

    Hello. As I'm sure that you have had multiple similar request. I have the panasonic portable dvd model no. DVD-LS53 and I keep getting the code H02. I have gotten the code twice before and I managed to fix it, but I honestly don't know how I did it. I would really appreciate if you could assist me in the matter. Thank you!

    Comment 1, Last comment by James Aug 24, 2011

    Re: Error Codes Assistance

     Larry Posted Jun 03, 2011

    Stacy, I just found you article on error codes. This article was written in 2004 so I know there is a good chance you won't even get this message but I had to try. I have a Sony DVP-C600D 5 disc player that has always worked perfectly without problems until today. I pressed the open button and the drawer opened and then closed immediately and then opened again. I pressed the stop button several times to clear the display and unplugged the unit. I waited about 20 seconds and plugged it back in. I pressed the open button and the drawer opened about one third of the way. I noticed it making a odd strainned sound so I pressed the open button and the drawer struggled but finally open displaying the code: C:31:26

    Do you have any idea what might cause this and/or what I can do to remedy this problem and possibly reset the player. I am almost inclined to think that a disc might have slipped off the carousel and be trapped in the machine. Is that possible?

    Your assistance will enormously appreciated and at this late date completely amazed if you get this message.



    Hi just found your website using the ask jeeves search engine ( UK ) Please can you help with the error code E:61:00 This is on a Sony cybershot Model No DSC-S50 Many thanks Gavin M

    Comments 3, Last comment by Roman May 17, 2011

    Technics F61 problem

     Hromy Posted Jan 19, 2005

    I have a Technics SF-EH590 seperates stereo system which has come up with error code F61 when powered on which then turns off straight away, can you indicate which component could be causing this problem?

    Comments 5, Last comment by shashika Feb 28, 2011

    I have a Sony CCD-TRV118 handycam and decided to try using it again after a long period of dormancy. Prior to putting my camera away I was receiving a C31:30 and C32:30 errors. After pulling it out of storage for the first time in over a year, I am still having this issue and am curious what would cause these two errors. Any assistance would be appreciative. Thanks. Anthony


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