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Sony KPR-53EX35 Sound no image

JB Posted Aug 23, 2005

I bought this television off of an older man a couple of months ago for cheap, and now it died.

I have an old Sony KPR-53EX35 that the sound comes out but there is no image at all. Does anyone know if I can do anything to fix this problem or if I need to just bring this set to the dump?


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    I am having the same problem no picture and great sound. Does that have to do with soldering also? If so what do I need to do and how to I do it. Thanks.


    Do you still have this television? I had the same problem. It turned out that the high voltage section on this model was not soldered very well. I just heated up all of the solder joints and it worked. I would suggest using a digital camera to record where all of the connectors go before disconnecting them. And, just in case you don't know, make sure you've unplugged the television and wait for several minutes before trying to take it out. I'm having a problem with another board right now. It worked for over a year, but something is wrong. I'm tracking the problem down now. It has the same symptoms as before, but I'm certain it's a different problem.

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    Sorry I can't help with your problem, but if you end up with a spare remote control (one that can access the TV's menu system), I'd be interested. Email me if so. Thanks.



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