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Re[4]: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

francois Posted Aug 28, 2005, in response to:David Campesino

I use the F717 for several years. Suddenly, error C:13:01 ! I tryed my second memory card, and OK no problem. I thought the first one is out of order. But 1 month later the second one did error the same !! I thought maybe sony introduce a program to oblige us buy new cards if use too much/too many years. I buy a new one. But 20 pictures later, suddenly Error the same !!!!! So I typed on google and found this board. No rubbing pen here so I fold a paper and try to "clean" the gold contacts of the card. put it in the camera, it was still not working (error the same) then format it as usual inside the camera, and now my camera and the said dead card is brought to life again ! let me tell you my opinion. The fact are I saw some "not looking the same" areas on the card. but contacts are not used as I manipulate so few, maybe less than 5 times from the time I buy the camera. But I noticed on other camera before some appliances uses too much electricity (amps) on very small contacts. And later on they become faulty contact devices. Already seen some clean looking AS NEW relay gold contacts but the electricity didn't pass thru ! it is a matter of the very small scale. and we can see on the extremely useful website of our friend that on the memory card bay is is written something about a fuse 1,4 amp. is it about the complete camera or only the bay ? but if 1,4 amp has to pass the memory card contacts so we can understand easily. It is a fact some cards consumes a lot of power. the reason why I got problems only 2 days later with a new card, is because one I have a contact problem, not only the card contacts have a problem, but also the ones inside the camera. So it is necessary to well clean the camera contacts also otherwise it will damage the cards contacts too.


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