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Canon MV530i ( Canon ZR65) EJECT message & no playback issue

Francois Posted Sep 06, 2005

I can't rewind a tape anymore, get the EJECT message. The camcorder stops or "eats" the tape.

I bought this camcorder 3 years ago. Still under warranty. The issue starts 2 years ago. When I try to rewind a tape, the camcorder "stops" and most of the times "eats" the tape. I bring it it back several times to the FNAC repair service. The first time they said they found nothing and said I need to use only TDK tapes. A second time, they say they clean the head and it was OK and said I shouldn't use tapes with problems. The third time they change the mecanism and it was OK. And now the problem remanes the same. I can't rewind more than 3 seconds without getting the same problem. And now it happens when I "forward". Did anyone encounter the same issue with this camcorder or an other brand ? Have you got an idea of the origin of this problem ? Do you think there is "good" and "bad" brands of tapes ? Thank you in advance everyone. Francois


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