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Re[14]: SONY KP46V15 has concaved sides and color distortion

Tom Posted Oct 06, 2005, in response to:gary ridenour

Hi Gary, the tech checked the convergence board (which was under the front panel below the screen as you had asked me about earlier) and determined that one of the two IC amps were bad. Since he didn't have any with him he said he'd be back. Said he was positive at least one of the two amps were bad because the fuse in the circuit that provides the two voltages (-15 and + 15) had blown (one of these voltages were not present...forget which one). He came back today with the two convergence IC amps and replaced them both. That fixed the problem.....except there's still "something" wrong on the left side of the screen....there's a 1+" darkish line from top to bottom and a "distortion hump" (blue and green appears to be OK) at the top and bottom of both corners of the screen on the left side. He changed a couple of condensers in an attempt to take that problem away to no he said he would have to come back "after he finds out what's causing the problem". Said he didn't know what was causing this problem. He said he was going to search the "frequent problems" that Sony has posted somewhere to determine what to do. His company has been selling and servicing Sony projection TV's for a long time and they have access to this information. Do you have any idea what might be causing that problem on the left side of the screen? Maybe you can help me help the tech fix the last of my problems. Would love to hear from you on this. Thanks, Tom


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